100 Year Anniversary in 2020

Ohio Crankshaft 100 Year Anniversary

Ohio Crankshaft

Ohio Crankshaft is a subsidiary of Park-Ohio Holdings Corporation. Located in Cleveland, Ohio our expertise is precision machining of intermediate to large custom critical parts. We are the current supplier of Locomotive crankshafts and Camshafts to Electro Motive Diesel (Progress Rail). As our name implies, we have a 100 year history and specific expertise in the manufacturing of heavy duty crankshafts and camshafts, pump shafts, press shafts for internal combustion engines, reciprocating pumps and Presses. We can manufacture Crankshafts and Camshafts up to a 27” in diametric envelope x 165” long. Camshaft segments up to 70” in length, down to smaller components with 2’ diameter or greater.

OCC History


Tocco Process for Surface Hardening

Ohio Crankshaft is committed to high Quality throughout every step of the manufacturing operation. A longtime leader and innovator in the development of Heat treat techniques, Ohio Crankshaft developed the world recognized TOCCO hardening process, a method of induction heat treating that give wear surfaces wear resistance and strength. From start to finish Ohio Crankshaft maintains precision workmanship with tight crucial tolerance control.

Induction Hardening Size Capabilities

Length 120-inch (max)
Diameter 10-inch (max)
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