Service & Repair

Camshaft Crankshaft Repair

Not only are we the OEM supplier for new crankshafts and camshafts; We are also the supplier for remanufacturing for Electro Motive Diesel (Now Progress Rail). All of our repairs are done to ESFR Standards. Our process is efficient and done in a timely manner.

Camshaft & Crankshaft Reconditioning

Camshaft & Crankshaft Reconditioning
  • Full Dimensional Inspection
  • Straightening
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Counterweight Repair
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Journal Grinding and Polishing
  • Stub/Pilot conversions
  • Dimensional Restorations through:
    • Hard Chrome Plating
    • Sub Arc Welding
    • Metal Spray

Crankshafts & Camshafts Reconditioning Process

In addition to our reconditioning services, we offer induction hardening, heat treating and welding.

Camshaft & Crankshaft Reconditioning
  1. Wash (Remove oil plugs and all debris, rust and contaminates from product).
  2. Verify and Report sizes
  3. Magnetic Particle Test to Check for Cracks
  4. Shot Peen Filet Radii
  5. Dynamic Balance
  6. Polish to Size
  7. Wash
  8. Final Size Check
  9. Package
  10. Retain Records

If crank or cam sections need replacement, we have new sections readily available for assembly or we can match the customer with a re-conditioned section.

We also have the capability to:

  1. Chrome
  2. Weld
  3. Metal Spray

The customer will be kept "up to date" on the progress of their crank from start to finish.